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Everytime you write content, you wonder if someone has already uploaded the same texts online ? With Mark, there is no way this is going to happen. Our SEO-friendly plagiarism check scan all the contents to generate only news ideas.

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What does plagiarism mean?

Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone else’s work and presenting it as your own. It is a serious offense, and you should avoid it at all costs. There are a number of different types of plagiarism, including: not giving proper credit to a source, copying someone else’s work without using quotation marks, and using someone else’s work without permission.

Using plagiarism on marketing materials can have huge consequences on your brand image and your company's performances. That's why you'd rather use a plagiarism checker whenever you're about to post a new marketing content. Try Mark today for free! 

Is plagiarism illegal?

Plagiarism is considered a form of intellectual theft and is, therefore, illegal. It’s important to remember that it’s not just about copying words from someone else’s work. You may have copied the words, but did you copy the ideas and the structure of the piece? Did you paraphrase or simply quote? In many cases, it’s not just about copying words. It’s about copying ideas.

Stay aware that you can get many penalties from plagiarism. Use Mark to make sure your content is a 100% original! Try it for free right away. 

Is paraphrasing plagiarism?

Plagiarism consist in presenting another person’s idea as your own. However, paraphrasing is different from direct quoting or copying. You will have to use your own words to express the same message or idea that the original author intended to share. This can be a difficult skill to master, but it is the only way to be able to share someone else's idea while avoiding plagiarism.
The border between paraphrasing and plagiarism is very thin. You'll need to be very cautious while doing that. That's why Mark includes a paraphrasing template. With this feature, you can keep the best ideas you find on the web, while avoiding plagiarism.

Also, Mark's writing assistant has been designed with a plagiarism checker included in the tool. It's the perfect match to make sure your content is a 100% plagiarism free, even if you want to surf with paraphrasing edges! Stop being stressed about plagiarism, try Mark for free. 

How to avoid plagiarism?

When you are writing a copy, the last thing you want is to be accused of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offense and can lead to many troubles. The best way to avoid this is by using the following methods: using paraphrasing software, using a plagiarism checker, double-checking your copy for incorrect citations, reading your paper aloud and looking for any signs of plagiarized text.

No matter which tip you are using to avoid plagiarism, keep in mind that you'll never find a better plagiarism checker than Mark. With its AI skills, he is able to detect any trace of plagiarism. So make sure your content is 100% unique and try Mark right away!

How to check for plagiarism?

Mark Copy AI tool has been designed with a plagiarism checker that you can use directly on the writing assistant tool. It is the best way to check for plagiarism! The tool gives you a plagiarism score that guarantee your content is 100% original. Make sure you have the best use of this feature to keep your marketing materials free from plagiarism. Try Mark and give us your feedbacks!

What is a plagiarism checker and how to use it?

Plagiarism checker is a piece of software that allows you to scan your writing for potential instances of plagiarism. These programs are very useful if you want to make sure that your work is completely original.

Mark is the first plagiarism checker based on AI. The tool is able to detect any plagiarism trace by simply clicking on a button to scan your content. You're only 2 clicks away of knowing if your content is ready to be posted or if you still need to edit it. Don't wait more time before to try Mark!

Why should I use a plagiarism checker?

Plagiarism checkers are very helpful in finding out if your content is plagiarized or not. They will scan your content, looking for similar content on the internet. Knowing the extent of plagiarism consequences, especially in marketing, you'd rather avoid it at all costs.
If you don't want to risk your SEO performance and brand image, you definitely need to use a plagiarism checker! We all know, it is really difficult to write an original and unique article or any marketing material from scratch. Instead of expending your time and energy to come up with a 100% original content, save your time with an AI copywriting tool.

Mark has a plagiarism checker included within the tool. It will certify that the content generated is unique and do not plagiarize. Try it for free today!

What is the impact of plagiarism on SEO?

One of the biggest misconceptions about search engine optimization is the impact that plagiarism has on it. While many people believe that copying and pasting content can help their site rank higher, it actually does the opposite. Most search engines penalize sites that use duplicate content, so you’re better off writing original content.
Plagiarism is actually a serious problem for SEO. When search engines like Google find copy-pasted content, they may penalize your website by dropping it in search rankings. Plagiarized content is also unattractive to readers because they can’t tell if it’s credible or reliable.
Original content is one of the most important things for SEO! Search engines like Google want to show their users the most relevant results. The ranking bots are looking for original and quality content to help the users find what they are looking for on the web. So you'll never be wrong with high quality content. It also gives visitors a reason to come back to your website rather than clicking away from it.

Mark is an AI tool that is able to generate SEO friendly content with an included plagiarism checker. Try it for free now, and take your SEO performances to the next level!

Do AI copywriting tools plagiarize?

No, AI writers do not plagiarize because they are computers that follow instructions. They are designed to understand and learn from data, and do not have the ability to make decisions. AI writers are not capable of independent thought, so they will only create unique content from the writing patterns they have learned.
If you think about it, AI writers do not need to plagiarize, because they are able to create their own original content. In some cases, they are able to create content that is better than human writers. AI writers have been programmed to avoid plagiarizing. These computers are much more likely to write original content than they are to steal someone’s else’s writing. Try Mark for free today!

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