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How does LinkedIn Rocket Mode creator works?

Step 1

Give your brief to the AI

Choose the topic that you want to write about, select the tone of voice of your choice, and the goal of your post. Do you feel friendly, confident or persuasive ?

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Step 2

Select your best hook

MarkCopy AI helps you quickly and easily create engaging LinkedIn posts for your professional network. It will generate multiple hooks that you can use. Ready to write 10X faster ?

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Step 3

Generate your entire LinkedIn post !

In a single click, Mark will generate an entire LinkedIn post tailored to your target audience. You can also regenerate the post you just created! Never ever run out of ideas.

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Why is Rocket Mode so effective?

Save time with a complete first draft
Just brief the AI on the article you want to write and Mark will do the rest. Save 33% more time !
Customized content creation
Create content that is personalized to your target audience.
Team Collaboration in real time
Collaborate with your entire team in real time! Produce twice as much content with collab.
Write content & copy that converts
Mark Copy will help you to generate high quality marketing copy that converts.
Ends writer’s block
Let Mark generate your first draft so you never have to worry about writer's block.
Multiple language
Mark is available in multiple languages so you can generate high-quality copy worldwide.

Why Mark is perfect for you

Built for Entrepreneurs that want to be visible

Mark Copy is a collaborative tool made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Want to get your startup visible ? Our AI is made for you !

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Built for Marketing teams that want to be more productive

Collaborate with your entire team for free ! Mark Copy will work with you to make you 2 to 3x more productive.

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Built for Agencies that want to onboard more clients

Mark Copy has been designed for agencies that want to onboard more clients. Write 3x faster and write marketing copy that converts at scale. Discover our Documents & Folders to organize and centralize all your content.

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Built for E-Shops that need high quality and optimized content

Do you struggle with too many content to write ? Product descriptions, blog articles, categories page and landing page... we got what you need !

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Built for Copywriters that need to find ideas fast

Struggling with writer's block ? Copywriting requires a lot of creativity. With Mark Copy, it's easier. Meet your assistant that will be by your side 24/7.

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Les avis sont unanimes

Mark AI est la clé du succès pour rédiger vos contenus en toute simplicité !

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