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Mark Copy - Writing has never been so fun and easy | Product Hunt
Mark Copy - Writing has never been so fun and easy | Product Hunt
Trusted by 100K+ creators and marketing teams
Scale your content creation with AI

Generate months of content in minutes

Create blog posts and social media content 10x faster with Mark Copy AI.

Team collaboration

Create content with your team

Collaborate with Mark Copy in real time. Get everybody on the same page and start working together to write content faster.

Increase conversions by 80%

Write high-converting content

Mark Copy will generate content optimized for conversions. Finally a copywriting that converts.

Create blog posts that ranks

Rank #1 on Google

Mark Copy automatically optimize your blog posts for SEO with the right keywords so you don't have to! Focus on your business and let Mark do the rest.

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Writting assistant

A new way to write content

Our writting assistant is an interface that will allow you to edit and correct the text of your copy in an easy and straightforward way. Collaborate with Mark to write your perfect copy.

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Team collaboration

Alone we go faster, together we go further

Your online workspace and editor. Live collaboration, workplace, documents, folder... All you’ve ever dreamed  in one place.Bring your team to a whole new world for all your copywritting

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40+ templates to make your copy look great

If you have to write online content, you are probably looking for a template. Well, you are in luck. We have more than 40 templates for any type of text. Social media, emails, blog, e-commerce etc... All optimized for your needs.

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Rank #1 on Google

Have you ever put all of your time and effort into creating a new web page, blog, or article but you don't know if it is SEO-friendly? It sucks to work hard on something only to find out that you missed a detail or two! Keep your content optimized with our SEO Assistant.

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Scale your content creation

Step 1

Pick a template

Choose the template for your copy and let’s get started. We have templates for all your content generation needs.

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Step 2

Give your brief to the AI, get a tailored high-quality content

Who knows your product/service better than you? Give some context to Mark so he can generate a tailored text according to your needs.

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Step 3

Let Mark do the rest, 80% time saved

It's like magic! Mark will generate your 100% original and tailored content. You can edit it, rewrite it or modify it as you want with our advanced text editor.

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They 💙 Mark

I’ve just tested Mark for one of the article I need to write and I must admit that I am really amazed by its quality and relevance! Of course, it isn’t perfect (and fortunately otherwise we wouldn’t have a job anymore 😉) but honeslty, the end result is really great !  I am now writing all my articles with Mark!

Camille Dufossez
Digital project manager @  SYB - Shake your business
🚀    Writes 10X faster

They 💙 Mark

One of the main weak links in website creation and SEO is undoubtedly content writing. Mark Copy has allowed several of my clients to quickly complete their website and position themselves in the first results of Google.
Mark Copy is now one of the tools we recommend by default to our prospects and have added it to our price offers.

Jean d’Alessandro
Directeur @ Web Solutions Way
🏆 Rank #1 on Google

They 💙 Mark

Mark generates literally contextualized pieces of text to enrich the subject and add value We don't just press the button for it to spawn a text! It's more than that...! A real writing aid...it gives inspiration and momentum!
I wrote my first text from A to Z which is 953 words on a complex subject in just 1 hour!While normally it would have taken me between 3 and 4 hours between reflection and writing!! Truly a time-saving software!!!

Samuel Marangé
Founder @ Digitalix
⏱ Wrote 1K words in 1 hour

They 💙 Mark

Very well built product. The site is easy to use and super accessible!There are different templates for different possible tasks.
The renders are super consistent.

Great product I recommend!

Yanis Embarech
Marketing Manager @ Streetspade
👍 Super easy to use

"Mark is Changing The Way We Create Marketing Content"

This fantastic tool that is changing the way we create content.

This short video will give you some tips on how to use MarkCopy to create content 10x faster.

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