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Your brand, your AI

We configure the AI for you to write according to your brand identity


Ensure on-brand content company-wide at all times

Ensure consistent brand content, maintaining brand image across all content and enhancing memorability.


Minimize the costs and maximize content quality

Reduce expenses while benefiting from high-quality texts generated by an AI trained on your brand.


Accelerate content creation through team collaboration

Optimize content production, schedules, and promotion by facilitating seamless team collaboration across channels.

“Thanks to Mark AI, we have been able to harness our editorial guidelines and brand values to produce on-brand SEO content in multiple languages with remarkable ease. It's truly a significant advancement for our global content strategy.”

Marie Jehanne

Content Manager SEO - Global

"Mark AI saved us a considerable amount of time in article creation, especially when dealing with more complex or technical subjects. Today, we recognize that our content strategy has undergone significant evolution as a result."

Manon Hugel

Marketing Manager

"Mark AI has been a game-changer for our agency's growth. The platform's rapid content generation capabilities have played a pivotal role in boosting our clients' search traffic. The exceptional 18X return on investment our clients have witnessed from their Mark AI investment is a clear endorsement of its effectiveness and value."

Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel


Consistency of Your Brand

  • Stand out with a unique brand voice.
  • Manage your projected audience image.
  • Deliver a consistent, memorable experience.

Alignment of Your Teams

  • Foster synergy with collaborative tools.
  • Ensure consistent company-wide strategy.
  • Optimize processes for seamless teamwork.

Advanced Data Security

  • Hosted on European servers.
  • No cross-client AI connectivity.
  • Ensure data confidentiality and privacy.

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