AI for your content, but humans above all

At Mark AI, we believe in content creation where humans and artificial intelligence work hand in hand to create unforgettable brands.

Our approach at Mark AI


Caring and approachable

At Mark AI, we prioritize close relationships with our clients, placing our artificial intelligence at the core of their editorial strategy. Through three years of innovation and collaboration, our product is tailored to each client's needs, becoming a personalized extension of their brand. Our goal is to provide an intuitive and customized experience for all members of the marketing team.


Pedagogical and didactic

The mission of Mark AI is to make artificial intelligence accessible to all, regardless of their technological expertise. We have integrated branding and editorial strategy concepts into our technology to enable our clients to use AI intuitively. Our platform is designed to adapt to teams, providing a smooth and natural user experience.


Expert and pioneering

Mark AI embodies excellence in AI, generating expert content that reflects the unique voice of each brand. Our sophisticated technology transforms the complexity of AI into a rewarding customer experience, enabling each brand to stand out. As market pioneers, we anticipate technological advancements and user needs.

The team at the heart of your success

Our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way on your journey. From development to implementing AI within your teams, these are the faces of Mark AI.

Selim Chehimi
Assistant Personnel IA
Kilian Poulin
Camille Dufossez
Responsable Acquisition
Thibault Ducrot
Responsable Stratégie Client
Lucie Marcolongo
Responsable Relation Client
Ali Youssef
Julien Fravallo
Adrien Aouate

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Our Team

At Mark AI, our story begins with two visionary engineers, Kilian and Selim. Immersed in artificial intelligence since 2016, they unlocked its potential and elevated it by integrating branding and editorial strategy into AI models.

In 2021, their journey took flight with the deep conviction that Mark AI could become a tailored solution for businesses: a creative and reliable partner capable of understanding and adapting to the unique content writing needs of each brand.

The team surrounding Kilian and Selim forms the heartbeat of Mark AI. Comprised of multidisciplinary talents, they are all driven by the same passion for innovation and a desire to push the boundaries of technology while keeping humans at the center of the process.

The Mark AI team works hand in hand with clients and partners to refine Mark AI, making the tool more intuitive and powerful, ultimately creating a product that revolutionizes how marketing teams integrate AI into their content creation process every day.

Our Mission

At Mark AI, our mission is to shape AI with innovation and personalization to meet the unique needs of each brand. With 3 years of experience in France, our reputation is built on close collaboration with our clients, continually adapting our AI to their practices.

Our technology integrates branding and editorial strategy principles, providing a tailored platform to generate expert content aligned with your brand's voice.

With Mark AI, you get more than just a tool: you have your own AI, designed to work in synergy with your team and create engaging content. Our content captivates your audience and strengthens your brand image sustainably.

Our intuitive technology simplifies the use of AI, offering a seamless user experience. At Mark AI, we combine creativity and innovation to elevate your brand and give it a distinctive voice that stands out in the competitive landscape of content marketing.

Our Vision

At Mark AI, we believe in a perfect synergy between our clients' brand essence and our AI-powered content writing platform. But our conviction goes beyond: we aspire to free humans from routine and repetitive work. We are convinced that each brand has a unique story to tell, emotions to share, and actions to inspire. To build a strong brand, each content must be imbued with the company's foundational elements.

Our approach surpasses simple AI usage; it embraces the idea of a differentiating AI, adaptable to each brand's specific discourse. By freeing individuals from laborious tasks, we enable teams to focus on the essentials: creativity, innovation, and human connection. At Mark AI, our commitment goes beyond technology; it aims to unleash human potential and transform how brands communicate with their audience.


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