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A new way to write content

Our writting assistant is an interface that will allow you to edit and correct the text of your copy in an easy and straightforward way. Collaborate with Mark to write your perfect copy.

motion writing assisant
motion SEO

Rank #1 on Google

Have you ever put all of your time and effort into creating a new web page, blog, or article but you don't know if it is SEO-friendly? It sucks to work hard on something only to find out that you missed a detail or two! Keep your content optimized with our SEO Assistant.

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One space for all your copy

It's never been easier to organize your work. Stop wasting time trying to organize your scattered documents. With Team document, you can create folders so you can organize your files in one place with all your colleagues.

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Anytime, anywhere

Live Collaboration combines the powers of our copywriting and editing tools with the knowledge of your team. You can now edit and collaborate with your team - and you don't even need to be at the same desk! With this feature, you can edit and collaborate on the go - even if you're on the subway.

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All your copy reunited

Organize, regroup and schedule your content all in one place. You will know exactly what to post, when to post it, and who on your team is responsible of the task. Content creation has never been so easy.

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Show your unique style

Whether you're looking for that snarky attitude, loving sentiment, deep knowledge, or poignant feeling, Mark will create the right tone for your story.

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Plagiarism check

Everytime you write content, you wonder if someone has already uploaded the same texts online ? With Mark, there is no way this is going to happen. Our plagiarism check scan all the contents to generate only news ideas.

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